Tutorial: Modified Cassette Player

Control playback speed, add an overdrive effect, and mute the audio output with these simple mods to an old-school GE cassette player. This project assumes you already have a basic understanding of soldering techniques.

If you find mistakes, or want to provide additional modifications, hit me up on instagram.

Parts List:

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Other Basic Materials

Materials you need, but might already own.

  • Soldering Station & solder
  • Drill with various-sized bits
  • Liquid nails, or other glue for plastic
  • Wire strippers
  • 2 Short screws w/ washers & nuts
  • Small screwdriver

Wiring Schematic

Click to view larger, right-click to save.

modified cassette player wiring schematic

Button Layout Template

Download, print, and cut-out this template to use as a guide for where to drill your holes for your components.

Template for project box enclosure

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